About Us

All that we have are gifts from God. United Methodists are called on to participate in ministries through our prayers, our presence, our gifts, our witness and our service.


Prayer:  We are to pray daily for our ministries, our staff and those in need.

Presence: We are to attend Sunday School and Worship regularly.

Gifts:  We are to give financial support to the ministries of the church. There are five ways to make financial contributions:

  • Place a check or cash in the offering plate during the worship service
  • Mail a check to Ashland United Methodist Church at 2600 Ashland Road, Columbia S.C. 29210
  • Contact the Director of Financial Ministries about electronic transfer from your bank account
  • Donate online through E Giving.
  • Direct gift of cash or marketable securities.

Witness:  Tell others about Jesus and about the ministries of the church.

Service:  God’s people are blessed with a wide range of talents. Many God-given talents can be used to support our ministries. Whether your talent is singing, teaching, mentoring, hammering, listening, cooking or something else, there is a place for you.

Endowment Funds
An endowment is a special-purpose fund held and invested long term with income distributed for specific purposes. Permanent Endowment Funds help support Ashland UMC ministries in perpetuity. These funds are managed by the South Carolina United Methodist Foundation, Inc.  Giving to the Permanent Endowment Funds should not replace annual giving.

Permanent Endowment Fund for Facilities provides continuing income to support the maintenance, repair, upkeep, and improvement of the Church’s buildings and property.

Permanent Endowment Fund for Programs provides continuing income for ministries not covered by the Permanent Endowment Funds for Facilities.

Ways to contribute include:

  • Direct gift of cash or marketable securities
  • Designate one or both funds to receive a gift from your estate
  • Designate one or both funds as a beneficiary or contingent beneficiary of your life insurance or IRA