About Us
Membership and Baptism

Ashland United Methodist Church recognizes two types of membership within the local church:

Baptized Members
Individuals who have received Christian baptism may become members.  Because we believe that baptism initiates us into Christ’s whole church and not only a denomination, we recognize all Christian baptism as valid.  It is never required that one be re-baptized in order to become a part of Ashland UMC.  We also believe that baptism is available to people of all ages, from infancy to adulthood.

Professing Members
Professing membership includes all baptized people who have come into membership by profession of faith.  There are three ways that this is accomplished:          

  • An individual professes his or her faith in Jesus Christ during one of our worship services
  • Transferring membership from another United Methodist Church to Ashland UMC
  • Transferring membership from a church of another denomination to Ashland UMC

Confirmation Classes
Ashland UMC offers a Confirmation Class for youth who are in the sixth grade or older.  The class meets over a period of several months and studies the Bible, the meaning of church membership, United Methodist doctrine and beliefs, and United Methodist history.  After participation in the Confirmation Class, youth are invited to make a profession of faith during a morning worship service.

If you have questions about membership or would like more information, please contact The Reverend Scott Efird at ext.15 or email pastor@ashlandumc.org