About Us

Ashland United Methodist Church began with 35 committed “missioners” from Salem, Union and Virginia Wingard United Methodist Churches.  From its first meeting at Seven Oaks Elementary School on March 6, 1977, the mission evolved from the first group of individuals who worshipped together that day.  Today our church community provides outreach programs for adults, senior citizens, youth and families in the extended St. Andrews area in northwest Columbia, S.C.

The Early Years
Under the guidance of the early “missioners,” the new congregation obtained a tract of land on Ashland Road.  The first part-time pastor was the Reverend Paul Harmon, a certified lay speaker and seminary student.  Under his leadership the church was named the Dutch Fork United Methodist Mission.

On February 12, 1978 the Mission, with 99 charter members, voted to become Ashland United Methodist Church, and on January 15, 1979 the Reverend Robert Borom was appointed as the first full-time pastor.

Membership steadily increased as construction of the first building (now Ashland Hall) was completed.  Sixteen months later, ground was broken for an additional eight classrooms followed by purchase of a modular building to meet the needs of a growing Sunday School program.

Sanctuary Built
On August 28, 1988 members gathered for the first worship service in the beautiful new sanctuary.  Additional Sunday School classes had been added and membership soared.

Today, Ashland UMC serves over 800 members and continues to be a mission-oriented congregation that touches the lives of people in our community, our nation and other countries through outreach and financial support.

Pastors Who Have Served Ashland UMC

The Reverend Paul Harmon 1977 - 1979
The Reverend Robert Borom 1979 - 1991
The Reverend Sam Harmon 1991 - 1994
The Reverend Thom Jones 1994 - 2001
The Reverend Joel Jones 2001 - 2012
The Reverend Mike Bruce 2012 - 2016
The Reverend Tresco Shannon 2016 - 2019
The Reverend Scott Efird 2019 -